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Shaping the Manufacturing World of Tomorrow With EOS 3D Printing


You don’t just redesign your manufacturing infrastructure for the sake of it. Redesigning happens in response to the waves of disruption that manufacturers must face, today and tomorrow.
One key aspect is classical production chains, which are designed for permanent utilization and efficiency, with supply chains that feature high goods values and capital investments. This means high costs and little flexibility – in times where there are always new market variations and demands to address.

In some industries, megatrends are another challenge. For example, in the automotive industry, an increasing number of base modules are being used as a starting point for a wide range of custom-designed parts manufactured according to customer wishes. Especially considering the increasing cost pressure, the problems faced by classical manufacturing structures seem almost impossible to solve.


Manufacturing companies are discovering that existing structures and processes have reached their limits – in terms of flexibility, the feasibility of complex parts and product customization. But 3D printing provides an integrated, intelligent, and digitally optimized solution to these challenges.

Expert Guidance by Additive Minds

The Additive Minds group is the technical consulting department of EOS, combining 3D printing know-how from a wide variety of fields and industries. We come from practical backgrounds, and we put the success of our customers first in additive manufacturing applications.