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Forging a path toward responsibility and sustainability across our organization


We believe that innovation and technology can help create a better world for everyone.

Most current manufacturing techniques are restrictive, wasteful & inefficient. We are convinced that additive manufacturing can overcome these limitations. 

We exist to accelerate the world's transition to responsible manufacturing.

Contributing to sustainability in AM is more than a compliance obligation or cost-saving opportunity. For us, it's our purpose — one we pursue with the help of customers, suppliers, partners, scientific organizations, regulators and numerous other stakeholders, such as AMGTA and econsense.

“Sustainable thinking has always been in our company DNA. We have the innovative power and mindset to make a difference. All of this is a team effort, and we invite partners and customers to join us on this journey and support our goal of establishing responsible manufacturing as the new normal.”

Marie Langer, CEO EOS

Marie Langer, CEO EOS

Our Approach

Responsible Manufacturing is our "North Star", the guiding constant we always look towards and be reminded of our purpose. We don't only aim to meet the bare minimum required to meet regulatory requirements, publish a corporate responsibility report in accordance with the GRI standard to regulators and maintain our license to operate. What we seek is a "License to Grow." This demands a holistic and wide-ranging sustainability campaign.

We follow a holistic environment, social and governance (ESG) approach. Our aim is to create a new normal, in which sustainability is a matter of course and integrated within all our processes and products. You can already see our responsible activities in our Carbon Calculator, developed by our Additive Minds team, and our Responsible Products that are carbon-neutral or carbon-reduced materials. All of these products contribute to our purpose and to a more sustainable production of our customers.


We are currently calculating our Corporate Carbon Footprint (Scopes 1–3) according to the GHG Protocol, which we will use as a foundation for our Science-Based Target.

Green Leaves


We continually strive to make our company a more inclusive, family-friendly, healthier and diverse place to work, while also working to benefit the communities where we live and work.

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By going above and beyond our compliance benchmarks and holding all EOS employees to the highest standards, we mitigate risk and promote our corporate citizenship.

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Responsible Products

EOS aims to create added value in the world through the development of sustainable products and promotion of responsible manufacturing practices.

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More about Sustainability

Discover how EOS is actively driving sustainability forward. Get an in-depth look at various aspects of sustainability.

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Responsible Manufacturing Vlog 

Let’s introduce our vlog! We are eager to make Responsible Manufacturing the new normal with our partners and customers. Meet Björn Hannappel and his guests to join this exciting journey.

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Sustainability Documents


Our Corporate Policies, Code of Conducts and reports give guidance on our corporate behavioral direction and sets the framework for our company processes.